About the Site


My name is Ria Renouf, and by day I work as a radio news anchor in Vancouver, B.C. Outside of that, I’m a blogger and (I would argue budding) photographer — and this is what this space is dedicated to. I post once a week to the blog — every Monday — but I’m most active on social media like Twitter and Instagram.

I’m a firm believer in many things; the biggest one being we really shouldn’t box ourselves into being one kind of person. Sure, I could say I’m a journalist, which is true. But in a past life I was a movie critic, singer, make-up artist, tutor, model…and all kinds of things. All of these experiences have shaped me into the person I am today. So why wear just one hat?

This blog is dedicated to the many faces of me in the hope that its content might inspire even one person to…

  • Try something new
  • Pick up some interesting (and sometimes useless!) facts
  • Get emotional: laugh, cry, be annoyed, form an opinion

…or simply, just enjoy the content!

If you have a story or blog idea, please feel free to reach out to me through my contact page. And while I am an employee of Corus Entertainment, the usual disclaimers apply: this blog has nothing to do with them and does not reflect the company’s opinions.