About Me


My name is Ria Renouf, and by day I work as a radio news anchor in Vancouver, B.C. Outside of that, I’m a blogger and (I would argue budding) photographer — and this is what this space is dedicated to.

I’m a firm believer in many things; the biggest one being we really shouldn’t box ourselves into one kind of person. Sure, I could say I’m a journalist, which is true. But in a past life I was a movie critic, singer, make-up artist, tutor, model…and all kinds of things. So why wear one hat?

This blog is dedicated to the many faces of me in the hope that it might inspire even one person to try something new, pick up a few facts, laugh, cry, get annoyed, form an opinion about, or most importantly: enjoy this content.

If you have a story or blog idea, please feel free to reach out to me through my contact page.