About the blog


Thanks for stopping by! I post to this blog a couple of times per week. If you have a recommendation for a suggestion or a post, feel free to send it to me: Ria(at)CKNW(dot)com.

I muse about everything and anything on here, though my specialties include movies and tech. I am also a bullet journal enthusiast and will post about that as well.

I’ll also keep tabs on my travels with my boyfriend, Jon – and more!

A reminder and disclaimer: while I do work for CKNW, these thoughts are mine – and mine alone, and they do not reflect the opinions of my employer.


What are we watching, listening to, reading and doing in our off-hours? I’m excited to be a panelist on The Jon McComb Show segment, This is What We’re Into. Get to know me outside of my news reading and movie reviewing ways. You can hear me chatting up my likes (and dislikes) every Friday morning after the 9:00 A.M. news on News Talk 980 CKNW.



The Reel Report is my now-defunct segment, which used to air on The Jon McComb Show every Friday morning just after 9 AM on CKNW. It was discontinued in April of 2017.

You’ll find old posts throughout the blog from the show. Give ’em a listen! They’re a great walk down memory lane. 🙂